Toyota RAV4 2022 – Review

If you’re searching for a small SUV, there’s a good chance that the Toyota RAV4 is on your short list because it constantly ranks among the best-selling cars on the market. Highlights include a spacious interior, a comfortable ride, and simple controls. You can jump in and drive this SUV without giving it any thought. Edmunds say, there’s a good possibility you’ll locate the right RAV4 trim level because Toyota offers a large choice of them. A budget-friendly base model, a top-trim model packed with features, and more are all available. There is also the TRD Off-Road, which has all-terrain tires and unique suspension tuning, as well as the RAV4 Adventure, which has a bit more off-road capability and a harder exterior design.

Even though the 2022 Toyota RAV4 isn’t the most exciting compact SUV to drive, its usefulness and efficiency increase its value and qualify it for an Editor’s Choice award. Although the entry-level model is reasonably priced but quite basic, mid-range trims offer a wealth of features that customers in this market will value. According to, the RAV4 comes with a wide range of standard driver-assistance systems, including adaptive cruise control. Upscale models include luxury options including faux-leather upholstery, heated seats, and a JBL sound system. A RAV4 Hybrid, which we examine separately, is an option for those seeking even greater efficiency.

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The original generation of the RAV4 was innovative and not boring, especially as a three-door model. Then, everything deteriorated. Even though the fourth-generation automobile was once the best-selling SUV in the world, it was a visual assault and a dynamic agony. The topgear says, the most recent RAV4 has better proportions than previous models, being shorter overall but having a longer wheelbase. That not only makes it appear less awkward, but it also allows it to compete with the larger midsize family crossovers. Consider the standard Nissan Qashqai, Honda CR-V, Volkswagen Tiguan, Ford Kuga, and Peugeot 3008, albeit they now face more fierce competition from vehicles like the Kia Sportage, which has hybrid options.

However, Edmunds rate the Toyota RAV4 with 4.8, the engine runs willingly, and passing and merging go without incident. You might, however, become aware of the engine’s ultimately meager power delivery if you’re in a great hurry. The RAV4 Adventure test car needed 9.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, which is a little longer than the class average. An excellent balance between control and softness has been achieved in the tuning of the RAV4’s suspension. When you drive over bumps, the body doesn’t float or bind, and minor to moderate impacts are absorbed with no fuss. The front seats are well shaped and adequately padded, but on extended rides, the seat bottoms start to feel flat.

  • Edmunds expert rating 7.7
  • Comfort 7.5
  • Performance 7.0
  • Interior 8.0
  • Technology 8.0
  • Fuel economy 8.5
  • Storage 8.0
  • Value 8.0

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