The History of BMW Cars

There are only a few countries that have ascended to the upper echelon of automobile manufacturing. Of course, the United States has always been a celebrated maker and exporter of cars, trucks, and SUVs. In addition, much is made of the manufacturers in the Far East. Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Subaru, and Mitsubishi are all very much respected within the automotive world. In Europe, one country stands above the rest when it comes to designing automobiles. With BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen all getting their start there, Germany has firmly established itself as an auto making powerhouse. With its roots in Bavaria, BMW continues to influence auto manufacturing in every corner of the globe.

Since being founded in the city of Munich, Bavarian Motor Works has experienced an incredible amount of growth. While the company initially produced parts for aircrafts, it switched its focus to automobiles in 1917. Over the years, the company slowly expanded and eventually reached a point where it was exporting automobiles worldwide. To accommodate this, Munich and Bavaria became the centralized hubs of all things BMW. A visit to Munich isn’t complete without a visit to the German manufacturer’s headquarters. There, visitors can take a tour of a museum that showcases many of the automobiles from the company’s celebrated past.

Adjacent to the museum, the company’s offices are housed in a stylish tower that is topped off with the BMW emblem. Adjacent to the museum and tower, large factories sprawl across the landscape. In these spaces, engineers, scientists, and designers all collaborate to create motor vehicles that meet the company’s high standards of excellence. As a luxury brand, what makes Bavarian Motor Works stand out is the efficiency and performance of its machines. Luxury isn’t simply about materials and appearances. Bavarian Motor Works has embraced the challenge of making its autos among the most durable and reliable in the world. By doing so, they have earned great loyalty from buyers who see an automobile purchase as a long-term investment.

While it may have gotten its start in Munich in the German state of Bavaria, the company now produces automobiles in factories around the world. The company now has a presence in Canada, China, Egypt, and India. In addition, they have factories in South Africa and the United States. Operating such a large company can be quite challenging, but the pragmatic, focused approach taken by BMW has allowed them to expand to their current size with little complication. While the technology present in the company’s current fleet is much more advanced than the technology used to create its first fleet of vehicles, there’s definitely a line that can be drawn back to the company’s roots. Looking to the future, it’s certain that Bavarian Motor Works will continue to be celebrated.

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