LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2023 Winning Entries Announced

TOKYO, Japan (February 2, 2023)―Lexus today announced the four winning entries of LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2023, the international design competition that recognizes up-and-coming creators.

The three-judge panel of Paola Antonelli, Karim Rashid and Simon Humphries selected the winners from among 2,068 entries representing 63 countries and regions. Judging criteria were based on Lexus’ fundamental principles for creating a prosperous society and a better future: Anticipate, Innovate, Captivate, and Enhance Happiness.

Winning entries for the 11th LEXUS DESIGN AWARD continue with the tradition of addressing issues and trends of the times under the theme of “Design for a Better Tomorrow”. The four vigorous winning proposals aim at resolving particular social issues to help prepare for the decades ahead.

Speaking about the competition after selection of the four winners, judge Paola Antonelli commented, “Having served as a judge since the first LEXUS DESIGN AWARD, I appreciate, all the more, the generosity, talent, and energy of hundreds of young designers from around the world, and continue to note the design field’s evolution, as these designers take an increasingly visionary and yet realistic view that encompasses not only humanity, but also all the rest of nature”.


  • Fog-X by Pavels Hedström (Sweden, Based in Denmark)An expandable mobile habitat that catches fog and turns it into drinking water.
  • Print Clay Humidifier by Jiaming Liu (China)3D-printed non-electric humidifier made with recycled ceramic waste.
  • Touch the Valley by Temporary Office (Singapore & Canada, Based in USA)3D contour puzzle that helps visually impaired people learn about the physical environment.
  • Zero Bag by Kyeongho Park & Yejin Heo (Republic of Korea)Clothing package that dissolves in water and acts as a detergent that can remove any chemicals from the clothes.

The three-month mentoring program kicked off in mid-January with the first workshop. During the mentoring program, winners collaborate with all four world-class creators: Marjan van Aubel, Joe Doucet, Yuri Suzuki, and Sumayya Vally. This process refines the winners’ ideas while developing prototypes that embody their proposals. First-time mentor Marjan van Aubel said “We live in challenging times where the design we create for the future needs to be considered in terms of whether it will work in the years ahead. That is, will it be suitable, practical, and possible? I hope to give them a future-proof perspective. For emerging creative talents this offers a springboard for their careers. I am excited to be part of this!”

This spring, Lexus will present how the winners’ prototypes have developed and blossomed through interaction with the mentors. Also, in order to bring knowledge of the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2023 to even more people around the world, we are planning to invite public participation with the People’s Choice Award this year. This award will allow anyone to choose their preference from among the four winners as best representing Design for a Better Tomorrow. Details will be announced later.

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