How to remove water spots from your car?

Hard Water Spot and Water Stain Remover for Cars

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Any car’s paint finish or glass will show water marks easily, but those with dark or black paintwork will be most noticeable. To get rid of water marks from car surfaces and stop them from appearing again, follow these instructions. People will turn their heads away if a car arrives with unclean windows that are fully coated in dust and dirt, regardless of how beautiful the exterior of the automobile appears to be, because having a dirty automobile is very off-putting. However, in order to drive safely, you must be able to see out of your window. Water spots may at first seem to be relatively harmless, but over time they can build up and fog up your entire window or, worse, make your window physically unstable and brittle.

Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how to remove water spots from automobile windows. But let’s look at some ways you may get rid of those water stains by yourself at home rather than driving your car to an expensive full-service detailing service. Let’s begin straight away. The water spots or stains that appear frequently on automobile windows.

  • Ordinary water stains or spots
  • Hard water deposits minerals on your car’s glass, which results in the typical water stains. These minerals are usually magnesium, calcium, or something comparable.
  • Etched water stains are not brought on by common mineral deposits. Typically, these stains happen when puddles or little pools of water are left out in the sun or strong heat for a long time.

Water spots may gradually become “etched” into the glass of your car’s windows as the temperature of the glass rises. You cannot just leave your car out in the sun to dry, which is one of the reasons it is essential to completely dry your automobile after washing it. Etched stains are among the hardest to get rid of and may require professional help or abrasive removal techniques like wet sanding.


  • Use a damp sponge or rag to wet the surface of the region where water stains are visible.
  • Heavy water spotting or acid etching may be evident if ringlets form around the water spots and the finish feels rough.
image: turtlewax


  • If the water stains are fresh and on the surface, wash the car with Turtle Wax M.A.X.-Power Car Wash to get rid of any loose dirt, then pat it dry with a towel.
  • Fill a bucket with one pint of white distilled vinegar and one pint of distilled or soft water to remove water stains.
image: turtlewax


  • One region at a time, using a sponge, apply the remedy to the problematic area. Let the finish sit wet for one to two minutes.
  • After using the solution, rinse the area with water and pat it dry with a towel.

The Method

Use a glass cleaner

Sprayway Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner

By doing some research, you can find a reputable window or glass cleaner. To remove the water spot or stain, use a microfiber cloth. Since you won’t unintentionally wear down the glass substance, this procedure typically works best with regular spots. Because a microfiber cloth doesn’t leave behind shreds of fabric and won’t scratch glass, we advise using one. You can use this Sprayway 443331 Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner.

Employing vinegar

Due to its strong acidity, vinegar can be used in combination with water to eliminate water stains. If used properly, this mixture can remove any minerals present in a water stain or spot without damaging the glass underneath. Make sure to clean it one more time using a microfiber cloth.

The use of toothpaste

You can use any toothpaste like Colgate, Here, you can also use a dental paste and water mixture. When you have finished applying this paste to your windows, rinse them with water. Using this technique, you should use a typical glass cleaner to clean and completely dry the glass on your car.

Baking soda usage

Combine a little water and baking soda to make a paste. Utilizing a microfiber towel and this mixture, scrub the wet stain well. The abrasive grains in the baking soda paste can remove the minerals and limescale-like deposits from the water area. Rinse the glass with plenty of water after doing your best to scrub the stain. We urge you to use this procedure just for outside windows because of the possibility of paste or debris getting on your car’s interior. We advise using standard glass cleaner and newspaper to get rid of residue and streaks on your window glass.

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