How to keep your car seats clean?

There are numerous reasons why our car seats become soiled and stained, particularly when we have small children with us. Foods such as chocolate, sodas or beverages, burgers, fries, and other foods. These are the things that cause stains, dirt, and grime to accumulate in our vehicles, particularly on the seats. Car seat clutter and dirt are frequently caused by youngsters and small children in our vehicles. To help you get rid out of it from you car seats, and to keep the dirt and stains off your automobile seats. Here are a few simple steps to follow.

The foam beneath the car seat absorbs dirt, grease, drinks, and other beverages that spill on the seats. When the wet and dirt dried, it turned into stains on your car seats. Every car seat appears clean and attractive at first, but after a few months or years of use, spills from the food we eat and the beverages we consume while inside our vehicle. Rain is also one of the most common causes of accumulated stains. Those stains will eventually stay in the seat, and we will need to clean them to restore their original color and beauty.

Use Liquid dish soap

You’ll need spray bottles, Dawn liquid dish soap, and a vacuum first. Fill a pot with boiling water and a small amount of ordinary liquid dish soap. Mix the hot water and standard dish soap together, then spray it on the spots on the vehicle seats. Allow the dish soap water to sink in and soften all the dirt and stains on the fabric of the seats.

Then sucked out all the water from the seat with the vacuum cleaner. Spray the dish soap in the dirty area again, and repeat until the stains are cleaned and the seats are removed. You can do it till the stain is gone on the third or fourth try. If the stains on the seats have been removed, open the car window to let fresh air in to dry them up.

For Extensive Seats Cleaning

If you want to get rid of those ugly stains and dirt from your seat, we have a extensive guide here.

To minimize electrical issues with the automobile and unintentional discharge, disconnect the battery before removing the car seat from the vehicle. Then, allow 20 minutes to pass before removing the car seat. For a guide on how to remove a car seat, we’ll create a separate page.

When the car seat is removed, prepare your cleaning materials. Toothbrush, vacuum cleaner, scrub brush, clean towel and cloth are all that are required.

  • Use a toothbrush and vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and small particles from the car seats.
  • The stains, grime, and dust caught between the stitches of a car seat can be easily removed with a toothbrush.

Use a Carpet Cleaner

You can use a carpet cleaner like Chemical Guys you can buy this on Amazon for only $25, this will help to remove the stains. Apply and spray the carpet and upholstery cleaner directly on the surface, especially where stains are present, then agitate the fibers with a scrub brush to get the cleaner down and absorb the grime into the seat cushion for a better clean.

Then wipe down the seat, soaking up the cleanser and grime. After brushing, wipe the seat with a dry, clean microfiber towel to absorb the dirt and cleaner. Then, using an extractor vacuum and clean water, spray the water on the seat, then suck all of the water into the seat with the vacuum.

Next procedure is, spraying the water on the seat and sucking it up twice or three times. This will help in removing all stains and dirt. Repeat until the seat appears clean and the dirt and stains have disappeared from the car seat. Make certain that you have removed all of the water from the seat. Then dry the seat in the sun to ensure that it is completely dry.

We hope this information will assist you in keeping your car seats clean for longer use.

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