The 10 Best Tail Lights For Ford F150

The F150 is a powerful and expertly constructed Ford pickup truck that gives drivers flexibility and choices, particularly when it comes to off-road driving. But if your most recent off-roading endeavors left your pickup truck with some damages, such as a broken tail light, or if you were involved in an on-road accident that resulted in broken rear lights, or if your old F150 factory fitted rear lights are no longer functional and you want to replace them for any of these reasons with the right tail lights that are bright enough for even foggy nights and will complement your truck’s beautiful aesthetic, in this post, we’ll be looking at some of the best. Keep scrolling down to see the best we pick for the Ford F-150.

1. Vomal Rear Tail Light Fit For 2015 2016 2017 Ford F-150 Brake Lamp Driver And Passenger Side

$49.99 on Amazon

4.9 star rating

In order to reduce the hazards involved, you shouldn’t be driving with a broken tail light. Both the owner of the vehicle and other road users may find it to be a serious road safety worry. For your Ford F150, you should buy a new tail light that closely resembles the original factory lights, not just any old replacement tail light.

In order to meet DOT (Department of Transportation) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) requirements and improve the appearance of your truck, this replacement part from Garage-Pro is specifically created to be a perfect fit for every version of the Ford F150 trucks from 2015 to 2017. It is also manufactured in accordance with industry standards.

To adequately alert motorists behind you and avoid being blamed for any accidents, the device is equipped with halogen, clear red housing, and strong lighting.

2. BoardRoad Rear Tail Light Fit for 2015 2016 2017 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck Tail Lights Brake Lamps Left Driver Side

4.9 star rating

$52.97 on Amazon

If you use the incorrect replacement headlights for your F150 (2004-2008) repair, your high-performance car’s value might drop and it would look bad. But with items like these, you can’t go wrong and you’ll be amazed by the outcome.

This item, also by Garage-Pro, is made of strong materials and is designed to be a direct fit and appear like the original F150 2004–2008. This way, you can drive off-road with confidence and not have to worry about damaged rear lights after your adventure. The gadget will illuminate the back of your vehicle even while you are driving in a snowstorm and is DOT and SAE compliant. The item is reasonably priced and provides excellent value.

3. Left Driver Side Tail Lights Assembly Compatible With 2015 2016 2017 Ford F150 F-150 Taillights Tail Lamp Brake Lamp With Bulb

4.7 star rating

$45.69 on Amazon

Your stock truck’s rear light housing may be damaged and no longer enable your tail lamps to shine. This might severely damage your fancy vehicle and be a long-term accident waiting to happen, therefore it has to be replaced. This Acanii product should be the ideal replacement for you if you own an F150 pickup vehicle from 2009 to 2014.

This product offers excellent value for both the cosmetics of your car and your budget. It is designed to fulfill standards of key industry regulatory authorities and to give suitable signaling for other road users behind you. Additionally, the polycarbonate used in the construction of the red and black red lens ensures that it will provide excellent UV protection and be resilient enough to handle medium to severe impact.

4. AUTOONE LED Tail Light Assembly Black Housing Smoked Lens Rear Lamps Replacement for 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Ford F150 F-150, Driver & Passenger Side

4.7 star rating

$179.99 on Amazon

For the repair of your vintage F150 pickup truck or to replace your damaged F150 2004–2008 tail lights, do you need a premium reflecting reflector? This replacement component from Spec-D Tuning is made to fit like a glove and offer appropriate signaling throughout the day and in any kind of weather.

Because it provides clear signaling and has a smoke tinted housing, this tail light housing is made to fulfill regulations and even function better than the original factory tail lights while maintaining the original appearance of your car. In order to endure strong impact, the AUTOONE LED Tail Light tail light lens is likewise made of a high-density material.

5. FIONE Tail Light Compatible with Ford F-150 2015-2017 Right Passenger Side Halogen Type Without Bulbs FL3Z13404A FO2800239

4.7 star ratings

$65.99 on Amazon

A damaged or broken tail light will not help you sell your Ford F150 in the best condition possible so you can get the best price offers for it, no matter how wonderful your pickup truck may seem overall. The F150 2004–2008 truck is designed to match well with this Akkon product, which also illuminates the back of your vehicle to keep you and other drivers on the road safe.

Thanks to its shiny black housing, your car will seem lot better; it may even make it seem brand new (or very close to it). It is built of a durable material that is appropriate for this usage, complies with regulatory requirements, is simple to install, and works well for off-road adventures.

6. VLAND Tail lights Assembly Fit for Ford F-150 2015-2020(Not for a XLT/Lariat and Factory with BLISS or LED Version), Rear Lamp with DRL, Back light Red Turn Signal, Smoked

View on Amazon

4.8 star ratings

Truly, LED taillights improve the appearance and functionality of your F150 truck above conventional taillights in every way. This item is among the top bolt-on replacement components you can buy in shops or online if you want a suitable full-LED tail light for your F150 pickup truck.

Its high-end fiber optics design provides your vehicle a distinctiveness and helps it stand out from other comparable trucks on the road. Its sturdy structure ensures cross-country integrity for all terrain types and weather situations. Every trailing car will be able to see you clearly even in bad visibility thanks to this device.

7. Silscvtt Driver Side Rear Brake Tail Light Assembly Replacement for 2009-2014 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck Red Lens Left Tail Lamp FO2818148 BL3Z13405AB

$49.99 on Amazon

The proper optics up front and in behind are necessary to give a beast-like pickup truck personality and individuality. This product from the Autozensation brand is a fantastic tail light replacement for your Ford F150 pickup truck. It has a stylish appearance and a flexible structure.

Because of its transparent black housing, other drivers on the road behind you will be appropriately warned when you apply the brakes, making you and your car safer while driving. It is produced to effortlessly fit the F150 2004–2008 models while functioning on par with or better than the OEM tail lights and is constructed in accordance with safety and traffic legislation.

8. SENSHINE Tail Light Assembly For Ford F150 Accessories 2018 2019 2020 Brake Tail Light

 $59.98 on Amazon

There is no denying that LED taillights are more attractive and certainly more effective than conventional taillights, and this product from AmeriLite is a fantastic option made for F150 2009-2013 vehicles. Even in low-visibility weather, its chrome enclosure exudes elegance and gives the best brake light display when driving.

This product more than complies with DOT and SAE regulations, is made from high-density materials, and has LED lighting. This item will give your pickup truck the seductive appearance it deserves and attract attention while you’re driving.

9. ANZO (311294) 15-17 Ford F-150 LED Taillights – Smoke

View on Amazon

Broken tail lights may lead you to get stopped at the most inopportune times and perhaps get you into more trouble than just a ticket. To avoid these aggravating scenarios, you need the proper replacement brake tail lights for your car. For restoration or replacement reasons, this F150 2015–2017 replacement tail light from AnzoUSA is ideal.

This LED product is made of sturdy materials, has a strong UV protection coating, and is simple to bolt on. One of the greatest items available, it delivers excellent value for the money and will last longer than other goods given its characteristics.

10. Rareelectrical New Left Tail Light Compatible With Ford F-150 F-250 1997-2004

$38.27 on Amazon

When you drive your rugged F150 truck out in the storm with these replacement tail lights, you won’t have to worry about getting struck from behind because your tail lights aren’t working correctly.

The gadget has a bolt-on structure for easy and secure installation and conforms with DOT and SAE rules. It will suit the F150 models of pickup trucks and efficiently keep the back of your vehicle lighted.


The goods listed below are some of the finest for F10 pickup truck models and are wonderful for both your car and your wallet. Click on the links above to learn more about them, compare costs, get the best warranties, and make an educated purchasing decision.

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