6 Best Car Phone Holder for Ford Edge

There are three main types of car phone holders: dash-mounted, windshield-mounted, and vent-mounted. Dash-mounted holders are typically the most secure, but they can also be the most difficult to install. Windshield-mounted holders are easy to install and remove, but they can obstruct your view of the road. Vent-mounted holders are a good compromise, as they are easy to install and remove and they don’t obstruct your view of the road.

Choosing the best car phone holder depends on your individual needs and preferences. However, some of the most popular and highly rated car phone holders include:

01. Best Overall: VANMASS [Pro Version]

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.5 out of 5 Star Rating

Introducing the ultimate phone mount that securely grips your device even on the roughest roads. This versatile mount features two replaceable attachments – a suction cup for your car dashboard and a vent clip for hands-free use while driving. With its 360-degree swivel ball head, adjustable bottom tray, and rotatable telescopic arm, you can position your phone perfectly for any viewing angle.

Compatible with 99% of vehicles and phones, this mount is the perfect accessory for your life. Whether you’re using it for music, movies, video calls, GPS navigation, or just browsing the internet, this mount will keep your phone safely in place. And when you’re not in the car, you can use it on your desk, kitchen counter, bathroom vanity, or even in the gym.

The mount comes packaged in an elegant and eco-friendly box, making it the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. Order your phone mount today and experience the convenience of hands-free use!


  • Avoid using the suction cup on leather dashboard surfaces.

02. Best Runner Up: TICILFO Phone Mount

Rating: 5 out of 5.

4.5 out of 5 Star Rating

Secure and Adjustable Car Phone Holder with Heat-Resistant Suction Cup and Flexible Ball Joint

Enhance your driving experience with this versatile car phone holder that effortlessly adapts to your needs. Its telescopic arm extends from 3.7 to 5.9 inches, allowing you to adjust the distance to your phone for optimal viewing. The highly flexible ball joint ensures 360-degree rotation, providing unlimited viewing angles for hands-free navigation, calls, and entertainment.

Heat-Resistant Suction Cup for Durable Mounting

This car phone holder features a double-lock suction cup crafted from heat-resistant TPU material, ensuring it remains firmly attached to your dashboard even in extreme temperatures. Additionally, the included 3M dashboard pad provides a smooth, secure mounting surface, allowing you to place the holder anywhere for convenient access.

Protective Silicone Rubber for Enhanced Grip

Equipped with innovative hollow silicone rubber, this car phone holder offers superior stability compared to standard silicone options. The thick panels provide comprehensive protection, shielding your phone from scratches and drops, ensuring your device stays secure during every journey.

03. Best Suction: VICSEED Phone Holders for Your Car

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.4 out of 5 Star Rating

VICSEED’s car phone mount stands out with its extended 7.3-inch mechanical long arm and highly flexible 360-degree rotating joint ball, offering a wide range of viewing angles. The high-quality knob ensures exceptional durability, surpassing car mounts under $20. Enjoy hands-free adjustment without pulling over, keeping you focused on the road. The extra-deep and wider adjustable clip arm accommodates larger and thicker phones, fitting all mobile phones between 4” and 7” (except for Samsung Fold/Z Flip series) and most thick cases (except for ring holder cases and pop cases).

VICSEED’s phone mount includes a 3M adhesive pad for textured dashboards. Please note that leather dashboards are not suitable for all suction cups, and the dash pad should not be used on the windshield. The dash pad is an optional one-time part; if the suction cup works directly, you don’t need to use it.

04. Best Universal: Qifutan Phone Mount Ford Edge

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.4 out of 5 Star Rating

Flexible Design for Unhindered Airflow: The Qifutan phone holder car boasts an adjustable support ring that can be rotated to any angle without obstructing your car’s air vents, ensuring optimal ventilation. Universal Compatibility: The adjustable bottom foot accommodates all phone sizes, providing a secure grip on your smartphone regardless of its dimensions.

Enhanced Stability with Innovative Silicone Rubber: The car mount features an innovative hollow silicone rubber design that enhances stability compared to standard silicone rubbers. The hollow design securely cradles your phone, preventing accidental drops.

Comprehensive Protection: The car vent phone mount is equipped with a thick layer of silicone padding that safeguards your smartphone against scratches and wear and tear. Versatile Viewing Options: The 360° rotating and pivoting ball joint allows you to adjust the phone holder to any viewing angle, effortlessly switching between vertical and horizontal orientations for optimal viewing.

05. Car Vent Phone Holder: BIPOPIBO Phone Mount for Car Ford Edge

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.5 out of 5 Star Rating

BIPOPIBO Car Mount for iPhone: Securely Grip Your Phone for Safe Driving.

Enhance your driving experience with the BIPOPIBO Car Mount for iPhone, designed to securely grip your phone even on bumpy roads. Featuring upgraded hollow silicone rubber pads, your phone will stay firmly in place, never slipping or falling off. This car phone holder is compatible with all iPhone and Android mobile phones (4.0-7.1 inches) with thick cases, making it ideal for Uber drivers, truck owners, SUV enthusiasts, and taxi operators.

The BIPOPIBO Car Mount easily attaches to your car’s air vent using a hook clip. Simply rotate the adjusting knob to lock the blade in place. The quick-release button on the back allows you to effortlessly insert and remove your phone with one hand.

Enjoy versatile viewing angles with the 360-degree swivel head. Rotate your phone effortlessly to view in landscape or portrait mode, or any position in between.

06. Best Recommended: VICSEED Car Phone Holder Mount Ford Edge

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.5 out of 5 Star Rating

VICSEED Car Phone Mount: Effortless Viewing and Secure Grip

This car phone mount boasts a highly flexible ball-joint that rotates 360 degrees, providing you with an endless array of viewing angles. Quickly switch between portrait and landscape mode to suit your needs. Position your phone at the perfect angle to reduce driving fatigue and maintain a clear view of the road, ensuring a more relaxed and safer driving experience.

Secure Grip and One-Button Release for Worry-Free Use

The car mount’s thick arms are equipped with built-in anti-slip rubber pads, firmly gripping your mobile phone, whether it’s an iPhone or a Samsung device. No need to worry about your phone slipping from the mount, ensuring a safe and distraction-free driving experience. The hands-free car phone holder also features a one-button release system that allows you to lock or release your phone with one hand in just 0.1 seconds.

Universal Compatibility for Phones of All Sizes


Make sure the phone holder is compatible with the size and shape of your phone. Some phone holders are designed for specific phone models, while others are adjustable and can fit a variety of phones. If you have a large phone, you may need to choose a holder that is specifically designed for larger phones.


  • Make sure the phone holder is made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of daily use.
  • The holder should be able to hold your phone securely in place, even over bumps and potholes.
  • The holder should also be able to withstand extreme temperatures, such as hot summer days and cold winter nights.

Ease of use:

  • The phone holder should be easy to install and remove.
  • It should also be easy to adjust the phone’s position so that you can see it clearly.
  • The holder should not obstruct your view of the road.

Additional features:

  • Some phone holders offer additional features, such as wireless charging, built-in speakers, and GPS navigation.
  • Consider which features are important to you and choose a holder that has the features you want.

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